3 to 5 minute speech on animal testing

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A speech on Animal Testing.

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4 Minute Speech against animal testing We should stop the use of animals for research and testing purposes. Animal research/testing refers to the use of non-human animals for testing or experimenting on. The use of animals for testing is used in the fields of: Biomedical research, security, evaluation, and education of a product.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is an international, leaderless resistance that engages in direct action in pursuit of animal omgmachines2018.comsts see themselves as a modern-day Underground Railroad, removing animals from laboratories and farms, destroying facilities, arranging safe houses and veterinary care, and operating sanctuaries where the animals subsequently live.

My persuasive speech will be on the topic of Animal Testing.

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Animal testing is the testing and experimentation of products on animals to test the safety levels and reactions. I chose to select this topic, because it really bothers me that animal testing is .

3 to 5 minute speech on animal testing
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Speech Example on Animal Testing